Green Energy Solutions

Green Energy Solutions


The TECO-Westinghouse Green Business unit integrates our 120+ years of electric motor technology with renewable energy turn-key solutions. Through advancing Green Energy products, TECO-Westinghouse develops innovative design solutions for Micro-grid Systems; Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) incorporating Solar and Wind energy, alongside existing and advancing energy resources.

In 2020, we launched  our Heat Recovery System (HRS), which will provide our oil and gas customers access to Green Energy output. We’ve followed that up this year by announcing our partnership in manufacturing Electric Vehicle (E.V.) charging stations to support E.V. markets throughout the United States.

Our work in government, industrial and commercial landscapes provide mid-to-large scale organizations the ability to incorporate Green Energy solutions at any phase of the project’s operation—whether new construction or aftermarket additions. It is our goal to provide Green Energy solutions to help our customers advance—reaching critical “Green” efficiency targets and energy cost-reduction goals.

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Green Business product capabilities include:

  • Project Customization: Micro-grids with turn-key solutions; battery storage, renewable energy and heat recovery system integration
  • Implementation: Ingenuity within system design; Adding BESS and HRS to new and existing Wind and Solar projects
  • Mid-Large Scale: Serving projects in industrial, commercial, residential communities, and remote applications
  • Existing Industries: Government, marine, transportation, healthcare, oil and gas, industrial manufacturing, agriculture