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NEMA 3-Phase Motors
60Hz, 2300/4000V
NEMA Design B, Continuous Duty
Class F Insulation, 40°C Ambient, 1.15 S.F.

Motor Specs
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Motor Specs for MDP4506R

Catalogue # MDP4506R
HP 450
RPM 1200
Volts 2300/4000
Frame 5011B
Phase 3
HZ 60
Enclosure ODP
F/L Eff. 95.20
Approx. Weight (lbs) 3885
Full Load Currents (A)
2300V 118.00
4000V 67.85
Drive End NU324C3
Non Drive End 6320
Description 450HP 1200RPM 2300/4000V 5011B Global ODP

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