Machine Health Management

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TECOM’s “Machine Health Management portable diagnosis instrument” is a new generation vibration measurement instrument for machine equipment. The portable case contains IoT (Internet of Things) gateway, smart vibration sensors, and standard mobile power-pack. Maintenance personnel can carry to site for measurement diagnosis operations.

The gateway connects up to 4 sensors, and its WiFi allows multiple maintenance personnel to connect for simultaneous analysis.


Important Features

  • Time-Frequency Selectable
    • Gateway provides both time-domain and frequency-domain vibration signals; and these time-frequency signals are selectable in the app.
  • Precision Frequency-Analyzer Replacement
    • Working together the smart vibration sensors, IoT Gateway and smart phones can replace expensive Precision Frequency Analyzers.
  • All-in-One
    • The instrument integrates three operations: vibration measurement, analysis, and diagnosis all into one operation. The diagnosis is operated interactively, in real time.
  • Plug and Play
    • All operations are powered by a mobile power pack, the diagnosis are connected via wireless WiFi connections. No power wires or network wires are needed, pure plug and play.
  • The application of IoT technology to the smart vibration sensors creates a “breakthrough change” in the field of vibration measurements, leading it to the next generation of Industry 4.0.
  • The Instrument Deploys IoT Technology:
    • The smart vibration sensors are virtually connected to selected smart phones, and vibration measurements and diagnosis can be carried out interactively, in real-time.

On-site Use of the Instrument

  • Bring the Portable Diagnosis Instrument to Site and Measure:
    • 3-axis RMS values and compare against the motor vibration specifications, judge for normal or overvalue.
    • Examine the FFT data, look into the vibration energy distributions on frequency domain and diagnosis for the five possible defects: bearing defects, misalignment, unbalance, loose parts and softfoot.
      * These five items represent 90% of a motor’s mechanical failures.
    • IoT and smart phones work together on the interactive diagnosis.
    • Record all measured data and diagnosis results for the motor’s future health reference.
  • The new generation IoT features and strong interactive analysis and diagnosis capabilities of the portable instrument will vastly enhance on-site maintenance efficiency, it would be indispensable for any maintenance personnel.

key application

  • Operational Data Collection on Machines 1st Commissioning
    • The portable diagnosis instrument has another key application:
      • The portable instrument can help the installer collect all operational data on a machines’ 1st commissioning, providing vital information for future maintenance reference, as well as big data analysis.
      • As the use of big data analysis is trending, the operation data collected at commissioning would become a popular practice of main-stream motor manufactures, and the portable vibration diagnosis instruments would be indispensable for all installers or maintenance personnel of dealers, makers, factory, institutes, hotels, hospitals, schools, warehouses, etc.